Leadership development & coaching in the greater Atlanta area.

We coach and resource the development of difference-making leaders who want to discover their calling, clarity their contribution, and finish well.

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Covenant Life Church - Leader Breakthru Hub

Our story is similar to that of many other local churches who need help developing their leaders.

We knew that God’s Kingdom was best advanced when God’s leaders do well, but the question of how effective we were in this area always seemed to linger. We started to focus on strengthening leaders and found most of them needing help in discovering what’s next and what’s best. We also found that our more mature leaders still had valuable things to offer as they made room for younger leaders who were discovering God’s call and distinct contribution.

This journey has led us to partner with Leader Breakthru, as we learn to facilitate the development of our own leaders and serve our community and surrounding area by networking with others. We do this through personal coaching with leaders who are navigating challenges and by offering Leader Breakthru’s 2-day Coaching Skills Training to assist them in coaching others.

We also offer Leader Breakthru’s three learning processes (Focused Living, Apex, Resonance) which helps leaders discover their calling, contribution and convergence.

Leader Breakthru Hubs are regional sites and resourcing specialists that offer personal and leadership development training as well as coaching from Leader Breakthru.

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Meet Chris Hyatt

Director, Leader Breakthru Hub in Greater Atlanta

Chris is the lead pastor of Covenant Life Church. He and his wife, Donna have four married children and a passel full of grandkids. As a coach and pastor, Chris thrives on helping leaders discover God’s purpose and fulfill His call.

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